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By Hannah Cowley

October 29th, 2018

In 1780 David Garrick presented this play at The Drury Lane and it was a smash success. Letitia Hardy is engaged to marry the handsome and wealthy Doricourt, but there is one problem – he has agreed to marry her but seems totally uninterested in her. She loves him and is determined to get him to feel the same. So she endeavors to get him to hate her as she believes it will be easier to flip hate into love rather than indifference into love. With a cast of wild characters including Flutter, Miss Ogle and Sir George Touchwood --we galivant through the amusing misadventures of these anti lovers until they reach their final realizations in a “crazy” final scene.


RJ Foster
Dominic Cuskern
Dan Daily
Kenneth Lee
Jordan Bellow
Bradford Cover
Vince Gatton
Emma Wisniewski
Carol Schultz
Rachel Botchan
Robin Leslie Brown


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