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A Script In Hand Performance of
Chekhov Shorts

An Evening Of Vaudevilles by Anton Chekhov

June 28, 2023

Anton Chekhov was truly a man of the theatre, and nothing exemplifies this more than his short plays or "Vaudevilles" as he called them. These short plays show us how funny and silly Chekhov could be, all the while satirizing the society he lived in. One can't help but think that some of the characters in these plays were based on people he knew. We will perform The Bear: A Joke In One Act, The Wedding, and some others to be announced. Get ready for a few surprises! If you ever thought that Chekhov wasn't funny come and see us prove that he was indeed one of the great comic writers of all time.


The Players


The Harmfulness of Tobacco
Bradford Cover

The Proposal
Chubukov: Bradford Cover
Natalya: Tabatha Gayle
Lomov: Brian Dykstra

The Wedding
ZHIGALOV Jeffrey Hardy
DASHENKA Tabatha Gayle
APLOMBOV Maxwell Cover
REVUNOV Keith Randolph Smith
NUNIN Bradford Cover
ZMEYUKINA Tina Stafford
YATS Kenneth Lee
DIMBA Brian Dykstra
MOZGOVOY Andy Paterson

The Bear
POPOVA Shana Farr
SMIRNOV Jeffrey Hardy
LUKA Andy Paterson

The Swan Song
SVIETLOVIDOFF Keith Randolph Smith
IVANITCH Andy Paterson

Bradford Cover: Director
Jackie Perez: Stage Manager
Grace Ann Baresich: Sponsor
Al Foote III: Photographer
Jason Imber: Box Office/ Production Manager
Kate Farrington: Talk Back


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