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It Is So (If You Think So)

By Luigi Pirandello

November 19th, 2018

What do you do when a new family moves into your small Italian town? You absolutely welcome them and ask them where they came from and why they moved here. However when each member of that family gives you a vastly different version of their story, what do you do then? In this wonderfully absurd piece of theater Pirandello asks us to examine why we think we know certain things. The play creates a hilarious world in which one doesn’t know who to trust, and the more we learn the less we know. It is possible to learn the truth, right?


Bradford Cover
Aisha de Haas
Matthew Boston
Annie Henk
Dan Daily
Elizabeth Rouse
Desi Oakley
Michael Keyloun
Robin Leslie Brown
Bruce Faulk
Oliver Wadsworth
Janet Sarno
Waltrudis Buck
Daren Kelly


Margarett Perry


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