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A Script In Hand Performance of
Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

October 25th, 2023

Viola is shipwrecked and looking for her twin brother in the strange land of Ilyria, and she disguises herself to become a young man named Cesario. She meets the Duke Orsino, who speaks with great passion of his love for a local woman named Olivia who wants nothing to do with him. So he employs Cesario to be his intermediary, but Olivia takes a fancy to the young messenger, and then the fun really begins! We are also treated to a crazed sub plot to undermine and humiliate Olivia’s very correct, and puritanical servant Malvolio. Sir Toby Belch, and his sidekick Sir Andrew Aguecheek team up with the clown Feste to trick Malvolio into thinking that Olivia is actually in love with him. Shakespeare sets up many contrasts in this riotous, somewhat mean-spirited comedy, so that we can examine what happens when chaos and order are thrown together and swirled about in the random whirly gig of life.


Tabatha Gayle: Viola
Ricki Lynée: Sebastian
RJ Foster: Duke Orsino
Shana Farr: Olivia
Peter Francis James: Malvolio
Amanda Barron: Maria
Bradford Cover: Sir Toby Belch
Carine Montbertrand: Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Andy Paterson: Feste
Eddie Cruz/ Heriberto Cruz Jr: Antonio
Julia Baker: Valentine/ A Sea Captain/ Priest/ Officer

Bradford Cover: Director
Jason Imber: Stage Manager
Grace Ann Baresich: Sponsor


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